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Preschool Testimonials

Below are a few of the notes we received from parents of students who have attended the All Saints Preschool. We are very proud of our service but it's great to hear it from you. For privacy concerns, all names have been removed. 

Thank you so much for providing us with such a great school and daycare center. It truly made the transition from stay-at-home mom to working mom very easy for me. I thank you for that. All Saints’ Rocks! TN

Thank you so much for your efforts with NNN this year. You have created an amazing atmosphere where the kids are self-reliant and feel guided. The staff are happy and the parents feel welcome. I can’t tell you how great that is, despite what every Preschool’s brochures say. Peace. AH

As our youngest graduates today, as much as we’re excited to see our children grow, it is with a sad heart we leave All Saints’ Preschool. You have all played such a pivotal role in NNN and NNN’s lives and our lives as parents, through your advice, patience, dedication and humor during every step forward and every mishap as well. Thank you for caring for our children, for being a wonderful support during tough times and for truly appreciating all of your students as gifts to be nurtured and cared for with love and patience. W family

There are no words to express the gratitude we have for all you have done for our family. Your philosophy of “paying it forward” is an example of the blessings life can bring. Our family would not have gotten through these challenging times if not for your support and compassion, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. T G

Thank you very much for all your time, kindness and help over the past 6 years. All Saints has been a wonderful experience for our children and family. We are going to miss the kindness of the entire staff. TL

I truly cannot fathom that this chapter in our lives has come to an end. NNN began going to All Saints in Kindergarten and NNN when he was 2. Now one is graduating Middle School and the other Grammar School. Where does the time go?

We can’t thank you enough for the great care given to our children throughout those formative years. Every person had such a positive impact with our children…It is with moist eyes that we bid farewell. We all will miss you very much. Once again, a big heartfelt thanks. AP

We just wanted to send you a note thanking you and your staff for all you have done for us. As you know, it is not easy raising a family and working full time. However, we do take comfort in the fact that our children are attending a school that provides a safe and caring environment, while we are at work. You and your staff genuinely care about the children who attend your facility and it shows in all of the little things you do for them and their families. We appreciate all of your help throughout the years. J&V I

Just a quick note to say thank you for all you do for All Saints School and for NNN this year. We were so blessed to join the school this year, our first in Glen Rock. You run the school with much warmth, lots of patience, and care – that’s why it’s so special. EM

We did not want to leave All Saints without thanking all the great teachers that care for and guided our son for the last 3 ½ years. There are few more important decisions than whom we trust to care for our child. We remember visiting various daycare facilities, looking for the right fit. Some showed wonderful physical facilities, but seemed to lack a certain warmth. In contrast, when we visited All Saints, we immediately knew this was the place for our son, for one simple reason – the teachers. Everyone just seemed like they really were meant to care for children. The warmth, caring and kindness shone through and left us little doubt where we wanted our son to be. We have been given no reason in the subsequent 3 ½ years to doubt our decision was the right one. From the first day we registered, NNN was still so frightened of strangers he screamed at the top of his lungs the entire 20 minuets we met, through the first class photos when he was so frightened he could not complete his session, your gentle guidance and support helped bring him out of his shell and blossom. From potty training to learning to dress himself, from learning to communicate to learning his letters and numbers, from being a quiet and solitary toddler who sometimes seemed lost in his own little world to now when he loves being surrounded by his friends and you sometimes can’t get him to pipe down, you were there through all of it and provided the care and support he needed to develop into the happy, kind and confident young boy he is today. We can never adequately express how blessed we feel to have found All Saints. All we can do is say, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for starting NNN off on then right path and making him and his parents feel like members of a warm and loving community. In deepest gratitude. MW

Thank you for 9 wonderful years and special memories of our children. Love the L family

We want to thank you and everyone at All Saints Church Preschool for caring for our children. You taught them how to share, respect others, good manners and lots more. We watched NNN grow from a shy little girl into a helpful, independent child. NNN was never shy, but he sure does clean up his dishes after eating. We are all going to miss you, but will never forget you. Thank you again.  M family

We wanted to say farewell for now as we are getting ready for a new school this fall. We will be going (kicking and screaming) to St. Catherines. It is truly a very sad departure for the whole family since you became our family for the past 3 years. We will miss you all very much but trust that we will always remember you and the memories. We’ll miss the holiday parties, the field/road trips, the theme days and just being there. You are all so wonderful and so loving! Stay well and happy…thank you for everthing you are and do! MW

We would like to thank you for taking care of NNN for the past year and a half. When we came here, we had been through two bad experiences with daycare arrangements. We sensed immediately that this was the right environment for her and have never doubted it since. We cannot thank you enough for the love and attention you have shown our daughter while she has been in your care. Leaving her in your capable hands has enabled us to go to work with less guilt and worry, go to the hospital to have her sister, and more recently pack and plan for the future knowing that her days with you were fun filled and happy. We will miss you all and think of you often. Thank you. LA

Here we go at the end of our journey with you at All Saints! It is a very sad time as we come to a close and NNN and NNN have also expressed the same. Three years of memories, learning, laughing, exploring, making friends and connections in both their worlds. They have truly loved every minute at All Saints and I know they will continue to remember and talk of their experiences. From a parents perspective being at your place was like being at a friend’s home. The atmosphere was always comforting, cheerful and loving. I know that has allowed NNN and NNN to thrive cognitively and emotionally. They loved every teacher they had from the toddler room to the 3 year old class. We both want to say thank you for all you put into your daycare/school program. It is evident that your hearts are in it! And we appreciate that more than you know because it makes a DIFFERENCE! … We will miss you all, we will always remember the moments. Our deepest gratitude to you and your wonderful, professional, caring staff. I would not hesitate to refer friends to your program. KW

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