All Saints' Episcopal Church

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...for all things come of thee, and of thine own have we given thee. -- 1 Chronicles 29:14b KJV


tewardship is what we do with all that we have, all the time, so it’s really an every day thing.  It is how we give of ourselves in response to God’s grace.  It is, truly, about what we are doing with our lives. 

At All Saints’, we believe in giving to God and the mission of the church with our time, our talents and our treasure. 

The Episcopal Church teaches that stewardship is a gracious act of responding to God’s abundance.  We believe in proportional giving; and the biblical standard of 10%.  This is a LIFE-LONG journey, and everyone is in a different place.  We honor that.  It is not about feeling guilty, it is about expressing joy.

Why is this important?
  • This kind of giving is based on an ancient model that began in the book of Genesis.
  • It is an act of trusting in God.
  • It is an act of trusting in God.
  • It is an act of financial wisdom that encourages planning management.
  • It provides financial support for the work God calls us to do.
  • It strengthens the congregation’s ministry, health, and community.

Most of us arrive in church with our paychecks well accounted for. That makes stewardship difficult. It forces us to make choices, to give up something else so that we can give back to God. It’s a difficult journey, but like all journeys, it begins with a single step. Taking that step, year after year, finally brings us to the place where we give back to God out of abundance and not of fear.